What is movement day?

Our Mission

What can we can say about the  fifteen million people walking around our city everyday?

There is a unique opportunity at hand and emergency to unite and empower the body of Christ to transform cities through the radical gospel movement and impact today’s urban issues. 

A brief introduction to MD

Our goal is to speed up the Gospel movement in our city.

Movement Day (MD) was launched in 2010 in New York City as a one-day to three days gathering of city leaders passionate about cities and the Gospel of Jesus, coming together across denominational, ethnic, geographical and socio-economic lines. Over 32,000 leaders in over 100 city gatherings have been trained so far. It is organized by those who are called to accelerating a gospel movement in their city, leaders eager to link arms with other leaders who desire to see the Body of Christ come together. Movement Day Expressions is the vehicle through which we serve the launch of these city gatherings across in five continents.

Movement day Core Values

The 21st century’s mission-focus is the city. God loves our cities and calls us bless them.

Join over a million people

Focus of the Movement Day will be to address the issues of Kolkata and listen to the best practices of reaching the Marginalized, Millennials and Marketplace in the Indian cities. These focus areas will be highlighted through short talks, panels, videos and group discussions. Your presence and participation as an important leader in Kolkata is highly expected.

KTN Working together for a better Kolkata. God has placed churches and organizations in the city of Kolkata so that he will accomplish the work he has in his mind.  We are the salt and the light to bring a kingdom impact in our city.  Looking at the vast number of people, the task is huge and no one church or organization can bring the impact.  This creates a need for working together.  Let’s work to see a better Kolkata.

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